These materials are crushed and provides a sensuous look to women. These are most commonly used by slim women as it shows their curves and figure. These fabrics are slippery and looks beautiful because of its patchwork.


These fabrics are gaudy as it has several decorative stones embroided over it. These suits are most preferred for party and wedding occasions. The most common style for designing these materials are Patiala.


It is one of the most costly materials due to its purity. These suits give a formal look to women. Due to the sober look of these materials it is one of the most common choices of the elite. The best part of this material is that people of any age can wear these as it will give everyone an elegant look.

The Salwar Kameez is one of the famous ethnic wear in India. These suits are available in lots of colors fulfilling the requirement of a lot of women. The size is never a matter as it looks beautiful on anyone regardless of their size. It is the most preferred choice for any women as it is comfortable and women’s feel stress free after wearing it.