There are many options now available to people who are looking to buy ethnic salwar kameez online. Here are 5 popular types of salwar kameez that finding a lot of takers, and are the ones to look out for.

ethnic salwar kameez

Afghani Suit

Afghani suits are stylish and trendy which is why they are fast becoming popular among women these days. Such types of salwar kameez suits are designed loose and bear a pleated look. The salwar has embroidery done along the leg or the ankle. The length of the kameez is one the shorter side and ends which ends around the lower thighs.

Kurti Kameez

The kurti, or the kurta are a type of tunic styled shirts, though shorter in length and a part of the parallel suit.

Casual Kameez

These are perfect to be used as causal outfits and come in a lot of styles that keep changing with time. You can wear them at home or in office. You can buy them in a variety of prints and with accessories like big buttons.

Bandhej Salwar Suit

This is a special type of dress belonging to parts of western India. It is made from rich cotton, silk or chiffon fabric and has embroidery work done on them. The colors can be selected as per preference.

Sharara Salwar Suit

The sharara salwar is where the leg pants are wide, resembling full skirts that have draw string waist. The pants are fitted till the knee and flare up further down becoming a lot loose.