Fashion is not limited to the western style or look. It is available in the Indian ethnic look as well, given you have chosen the right dresses according to your look and your body. Some of us have the habit of picking outfit randomly and then blaming on fashion trend for not looking attractive enough. Agreed that the outfits are made for the general publics without keeping the look of the wearer in mind most of the time, but when it is about the selection of the dress or salwar kameez one has to look for such things which go with your body structure and complexion.

Fashion may be a general thing, but without proper look and feel, it is not possible for you to look your best in that ethnic outfit. Salwar kameez is the most popular ethnic outfit in India. Young girls and women wear it alike, regardless of the occasion. They can wear salwar kameez all the time in office, at house, while hanging out with friends, in a wedding, for engagement party or for any type of official event. Even though the salwar kameez is a very common dress, it helps to make you stand apart from others due to the exquisite styles and patterns available in it. Continue reading …