Wearing those jeans, tops and tunics every day can be quite boring sometimes. Even though you are interested in trying on the new looks, but there are very limited versions available in western clothing. If you are planning to have a great look and stun everyone with your style, it is time to try on the Indian ethnic fashion. Ethnic salwar kameez are quite great for trying on the look with Indian fashion. For everyone who is considering to be the boring versions of salwar kameez you have seen every day, it is time to revamp your thoughts.


Fashion industry is trying to modify the look and feel of the Indian ethnic dressing by merging it with the western style however without losing its basic sense. The Indian fashion designers are quite efficient in this manner. They know how to deal with the current fashion style and the preference of the modern Indian women and girls. Some of the basic features of this fresh fashion are:

Bright bold colors: instead of the soft pastel shades, the fresh modern batch of salwar kameez has bright colors and bold prints. You will love how they compliment your style. These colors in wholesale designer kurtis are suitable for the summer spring fashion hence you will love them a lot.

Western touch: without compromising with the Indian trends, the fashion designers have tried to incorporate the western touch into these salwar kameez. A hint of tunic, with a touch of pants and a lot other styles like Victorian neckline or boat neck are quite common. Moreover, the lace work done on the neckline, kurta borders as well as sleeves is commendable. Continue reading …