Designer sarees are the style factor in current fashion industry. With special detailing, fabric and embroidery work done on the sarees, the Indian fashion designers are enhancing beauty of a regular saree. All the fashion designers working on the Indian ethnic fashion has a special technique specific to them. Some of them will try to use western style for adding modern touch to the saree while others will try to incorporate Indian style to it with intricate patterns and motifs.


Some of them might also use the Victorian era fashion features and others add the Mughal era fashion styles to the saree. With so many different choices to choose from, designer wholesale sarees are very attractive making any women feels good about her. We can buy these expensive sarees, but maintaining them can be quite painful. Without the right care and attention, it is not possible to maintain the new like glow. Some simple tips to maintain this glow are:

Clean it after wearing: always get the saree dry cleaned after wearing it, otherwise the stains from food, drinks, sweat and makeup will make it look dull and old. The fabric will start becoming yellow over a period.

Wrap in tissue: while packing the saree after use, make sure to wrap it up in the tissue to protect it from moisture and other external effects. Avoid wrapping in plastic sheets.

Follow instructions: all the expensive sarees come with special maintenance and care tips. You can ask them from the embroidery saree suppliers or check out the product description.

With these tips, you can keep your designer sarees fresh like new with a new touch.

Blog Source: – http://ethnicwholesale.blogspot.in/2014/06/how-to-keep-your-designer-sarees-like.html