ImageFor those people who do not know what a kurti is, it is a short upper garment, also known as tunic in the western countries. It is like a kameez in the ethnic salwar kameez combo but a little shorter and with a lot of variation. Kurti has endless possibilities of styling with it. You can wear them on top of jeans, leggings, jeggings, skirts and salwar. You name it and kurti or tunic can be worn over it. Kurtis are designed in such way that they fit loosely over your body keeping the wearer comfortable. You can wear them in every season possible. Since they are available in various fabrics, kurtis can keep you comfortable throughout the year.


While buying wholesale designer kurti, the body shape should be kept in mind. Your body shape will decide whether a particular type of kurti will suit you or not. If you are person with pear shaped body, try to shop for the anarkali style kurtis or which flares down. It will help in covering the waist area, making it look even. If you are short, avoid sleeveless kurtis, since they can make you look shorter. You must go for the vertical print kurti. Read more…..