ImageEmbroidery work on clothing is very delicate. Especially if it is Chikan or zari, one should take extra care of the clothing while washing them and packing them. Embroidery is quite loved by women in salwar kameez, kurtis and even sarees. They love to flaunt their beauty in those kurtis with carefully weaved threads and sequences. You can shop for the best quality embroidery clothing from wholesale kurti shopping site but if you will not take a good care of your embroidery, it can be damaged quite soon.


Embroidery work requires needling threads in creative manner to create intricate patterns and designs. They are very delicate and can be damaged easily if even a single thread is pulled from the pattern. If you want to keep your embroidery salwar kameez safe from any type of damage, try to follow these simple tips:


  • Wash them separately: washing separately will prevent thread pulling form other cloths. You must not wash thread embroidery clothing with zari embroidery clothing since zari has metal wires in it, not good for thread ones.


  • Wash with like colors: most of the chiffon embroidery is done on pastel shade fabric with white thread. If you are not careful with them, it can damage the color of the fabric as well as the embroidery. You must wash them with like colors of with whites after making sure they are not bleeding.


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